Brain Basics

January, 2014

ANDL research was featured in the Brain Basics newsletter for the Harvard Graduate School of Education!

Social Brain Sciences Symposium 2.0 is coming

January, 2014

Join ANDL at the second annual Social Brain Sciences Symposium, hosted this year at Boston College! It is a one day meeting showcasing the exciting work of New England-area social, affective, and cognitive neuroscientists. 

As seen at Harvard...

January, 2014

ANDL made it onto the 'As seen at Harvard' feed of the Harvard University facebook page! In December, we held an Adolescent Brain workshop for ~60 Weston High students through the Life Science Outreach Gradwagon program.

ANDL collaborator receives grant!

November, 2013

The ANDL is working on a collaborative project with Catherine Glenn, postdoc in the Laboratory for Clinical and Developmental Research (led by Professor Matthew Nock). Cassie recently won the Lizette Peterson-Homer Injury Prevention Grant Award from the American Psychological Association to support this work. Congratulations, Cassie!

ANDL is on facebook

September, 2013

The lab has launched a Facebook page to share updates about the lab's research and other fun facts about brain science. Feel free to follow us by Liking us! Link below. 

Welcome new lab members

September, 2013

The fall semester is upon us along with new members of the lab! Welcome to Yang, Reed, Katie, and Brian!

News Blurb on DNews

July, 2013

Our recent study on adolescent self-consciousness was featured on DNews, the Discovery Channel's YouTube channel.

New article featured in Science Press

July, 2013

Our newest paper in Psychological Science has been covered by a number of scientific press outlets, including APS news, PsyPost, ScienceNewsLine, ScienceDaily, LiveScience, ScienceCodex, PsychCentral, as well as by Yahoo! and the Dallas Sun.

Society for Research on Adolescence features ANDL research

May, 2013

The Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA) features ANDL work in their New in Science blog.

ANDL at 2013 APS

May, 2013

Leah Somerville is chairing and speaking at a symposium entitled, "Adolescent Social Reorientation: Neurodevelopmental Mechanisms and Psychological Consequences" at the 2013 American Psychological Society Annual Meeting. The symposium joins speakers who study the effects of social contexts on adolescents' thoughts, feelings, and decisions from a variety of perspectives, ranging from animal models of substance abuse to clinical psychopathology. Join us!