Adolescent brain cafe

May, 2013

ANDL Lab Manager Alea Skwara will be speaking about the science behind the adoelscent brain at Science Cafe at Middlesex Lounge on Tuesday evening! Details linked below.

Lab work presented in Washington, DC

May, 2013

Leah Somerville presented ANDL work at the (very exciting, thought-provoking and fun) Mechanisms of Motivation, Cognition, and Aging Interactions conference in Washington, DC. 

Community talk on the Teen Brain

May, 2013

Leah Somerville presented a community talk entitled, "The Teenage Brain: Under Construction" at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School in Waltham, MA. Thanks to our hosts for a fun, educational evening!


April, 2013

Current Directions in Psychological Science - Special Issue on the Teenage Brain is out! Check out ANDL's contribution.

PhD Student wins NSF Fellowship!

March, 2013

We are thrilled to welcome Katie Insel to the ANDL team. Katie will join us as a PhD student beginning this fall, and has recently been awarded a prestigous National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to support her studies at Harvard!

Rising Star Award

March, 2013

Leah Somerville has been honored by the Association for Psychological Science as a 2013 Rising Star!

Brain Awareness Week

March, 2013

ANDL ran a 'Brain Station' for 150 middle school students from the Boston area, as part of the Brain Awareness Week Youth Conference put on by Harvard Graduate School of Education.  

Welcome new lab members!

February, 2013

Welcome to Kristen Osborne and John Naghshineh, the newest members of the lab!


October, 2012

Leah Somerville was featured as a new member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences by the Harvard University office of Faculty Development! Check it out here!


September, 2012

Welcome to the newest members of ANDL - undergraduates Arielle Rabinowitz, and Zuzanna Wojcieszak, masters student Stephanie Sasse, and Visiting PhD student (from the Netherlands) Bianca van den Bulk!