Harvard University
Northwest Science Building
52 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: (617) 496 4979


There are several public parking areas on the Harvard campus. A detailed listing of parking options can be found here.

Participants in our research studies may pre-arrange with researchers to park for free in the parking lot underground the Northwest Science Building. The entrance to the garage is located at the intersection of Everett St. and Oxford St. So, make turn onto Everett Street from Massachusetts Ave. Travel straight on Everett Street, through the traffic light at the intersection of Everett St. and Oxford St. A researcher will meet you at the parking entrance to provide a parking pass.


We are located in the Northwest Science Building (campus map). Go to the second floor of the building and walk along the main corridor to the North end of the building. Turn right at the end of the corridor (at the colorful brain pictures) and go through the heavy white door. If you're coming to the lab for a research study, please wait at the couches just inside the door. If you're coming to the lab to meet lab members, continue straight and follow the hallway as it bends to the right and then to the left. Pass the kitchen (which will be on your right) and the lab will be straight ahead (Rooms 290.01-290.04 and 280.14). Professor Somerville's office is Room 290.03.