We are conducting a series of studies that aim to characterize the fundamental ways in which the brain changes from childhood to adulthood. To do so, we acquire data about the function, structure, and connectivity of the brain. We are particularly interested in whether different parts of brain systems are developing at different rates. Being psychologists, we are most interested in the ramifications of these developmental patterns on the ways in which adolescents think, feel, and behave.

We are one of four research sites conducting the Human Connectome Project in Development (HCP-D), a NIH funded study that will be acquiring multimodal brain imaging and behavioral data on N=1500 5-21 year olds. The overall goal of this project is to chart the development of brain connectivity in unprecedented detail. You can read more about the project here


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Data from the Human Connectome Project.

Current Projects: 

mapping the developing connectivity of the brain via the Human Connectome Project in Development