During childhood and adolescence, the brain's learning systems undergo robust developmental changes. We are conduct research to evaluate how the developing brain's learning systems might "weight" social, rewarding, and emotional information differently and thus, exhibit biased learning for these types of information. 

This work is supported by the FJ McGuigan Early Career Research Prize for Understanding the Human Mind to Leah Somerville, a Harvard Medical School Catalyst Pilot Grant to Catherine Insel and Leah Somerville, and a Foundations in Human Behavior Initiative Pilot Grant to Katherine Powers, and an APA Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Child Psychology Fellowship to Alexandra Rodman.

Current Projects: 

how sensitive are adolescents and adults to social cues of inclusion and exclusion?
how does the status of social targets affect social learning?
how skillfully do adolescents and adults learn about rewards and punishments in the environment?