Welcome new lab members

September, 2013

The fall semester is upon us along with new members of the lab! Welcome to Yang, Reed, Katie, and Brian!

News Blurb on DNews

July, 2013

Our recent study on adolescent self-consciousness was featured on DNews, the Discovery Channel's YouTube channel.

New article featured in Science Press

July, 2013

Our newest paper in Psychological Science has been covered by a number of scientific press outlets, including APS news, PsyPost, ScienceNewsLine, ScienceDaily, LiveScience, ScienceCodex, PsychCentral, as well as by Yahoo! and the Dallas Sun.

Society for Research on Adolescence features ANDL research

May, 2013

The Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA) features ANDL work in their New in Science blog.

ANDL at 2013 APS

May, 2013

Leah Somerville is chairing and speaking at a symposium entitled, "Adolescent Social Reorientation: Neurodevelopmental Mechanisms and Psychological Consequences" at the 2013 American Psychological Society Annual Meeting. The symposium joins speakers who study the effects of social contexts on adolescents' thoughts, feelings, and decisions from a variety of perspectives, ranging from animal models of substance abuse to clinical psychopathology. Join us!

Congratulations, graduates!

May, 2013

Congratulations to the 2013 class of ANDL graduates - John Naghshineh M.Ed '13, Stephanie Sasse M.Ed '13, Zuzanna Wojcieszak '13, and Vaida Rimeikyte '13 (honorary lab member)!

Experts in Emotion Video

May, 2013

Leah Somerville, and dozens of Emotion Scientists from around the world, were interviewed online by June Gruber as part of the Experts in Emotion Series. These interviews are now freely available online - check them out!

Adolescent brain cafe

May, 2013

ANDL Lab Manager Alea Skwara will be speaking about the science behind the adoelscent brain at Science Cafe at Middlesex Lounge on Tuesday evening! Details linked below.

Lab work presented in Washington, DC

May, 2013

Leah Somerville presented ANDL work at the (very exciting, thought-provoking and fun) Mechanisms of Motivation, Cognition, and Aging Interactions conference in Washington, DC. 

Community talk on the Teen Brain

May, 2013

Leah Somerville presented a community talk entitled, "The Teenage Brain: Under Construction" at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School in Waltham, MA. Thanks to our hosts for a fun, educational evening!